11 September 2016

Okinawa: Shades of Blue

Shimmering blues and greens are Okinawa’s signature colour palette. Made of an eye-wateringly paradisiacal collection of around 160 islands, it means that wherever you are in Okinawa, the sea is never far away. And with its remote locale comes pristine waters in the most incredible shades and hues that no photo can really do justice. They can range from deep cobalt to mesmerising emerald, all aglitter in the sun—it’s truly a painterly and beguiling place. Here are our favourite shades of Okinawa blue.

Emerald: Emerald Beach

This is your number one destination if you’re in search of an emerald shade. Gracing the tip of the Motobu Peninsula, the jewel-green waters of this beach are so striking that they named the beach after it. It’s actually part of the Ocean Expo Park so you can pair your colour trip with the technicolour flora and fauna of the botanical gardens and the majestic blue forms of the whale sharks in the nearby Churaumi Aquarium.

Cobalt:  Yonaguni’s caves and ruins

As you dive down into Yonaguni’s dark depths, you will join the scores of underwater explorers who have been mystified by what is now known as the Yonuguni Monument. It is unclear whether these curious structures are naturally formed or man-made, or if the rumours are true then they could be remnants of the lost continent of Mu. Either way, floating amid these deep monoliths and caves lit a striking cobalt by piercing sunbeams is nothing short of magical.

Kerama Blue: Aharen Beach

Of all the gorgeous blues to be found in Okinawa, the waves around the Kerama Islands are often boasted to be the most beautiful. Their hues were so mesmerising that Okinawans had to invent a colour to describe the stunning tint of their crystalline waters. Aharen Beach is one place where you can get your ‘Kerama Blue’-fix, the view out to the small deserted island Shibugaki Island is one you won’t easily forget.

Hateruma Blue: Nishihama Beach

You won’t need any filters when photographing this blue beauty. A chunk of paradise drifting in Okinawa’s southernmost corners, it was bound to be an enchanting colour. But the sea here is showing-off massively in its vibrancy. It sparkles so brilliantly that ‘Hateruma blue’ is actually a Japanese expression used to describe the most radiant blue it is possible to see. Enough said.


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