20 January 2014

The culture hunting website we’ve all been waiting for

Like all great cosmopolitan cities, London is a pulsating hub of diversity, ingenuity and creativity.  Year in, year out this city offers a wealth of social and cultural experiences, with innumerable quirky bars, captivating exhibitions and spell-binding shows opening or reinventing themselves each week.  Yet, as anyone who lives in London or frequents this thriving cultural scene knows, it’s a hard job staying on top of this eclectic events calendar.  More often than not, by the time you’ve heard about that one off exhibition or event you’re keen to visit, it’s either sold out or closed.

Well, luckily for you (and us) we’ve stumbled across a great new addition to the World Wide Web. Enter Eleonore Dresch, the mastermind behind incredible new website Culture Whisper.  This unique site offers members tailor made monthly, weekly and even daily updates on London’s artistic and cultural scene.  This cutting-edge cultural tool was born from Eleonore’s frustration with the metropolitan paradox; that many working adults were missing out on the plethora of events that London offers.  So, this former BBC programme editor has surrounded herself with a core team of haute culture women; Avenue magazine New York writer Ella Cory Wright, radio arts researcher Rose Baker, broadsheet news journalist Clare James, and artist Natasha Law (Jude Law’s sister). It’s this cultural dream team that run Culture Whisper, getting the experts in various fields to pull your favorite cultural picks from the seemingly endless list of London’s upcoming events and exhibitions.

Like keeping your finger on the city’s pulse? Then this site is your new best friend.  Simply visit www.culturewhisper.com, tell them what you like and they’ll send you suggestions, event details and anything else they think you’ll love.  On top of this, they’ll even give you some exclusive insider tips about where to eat afterwards.  Culture Whisper defies the old idiom ‘You can’t have it all’, so stop letting London get the best of you and start getting the best of London.  Oh, and did we mention they’re currently offering 1 month’s free membership? There’s no excuse not to give it a go.


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