21 February 2013

Snapshots of Rajasthan

Photographer Abbi Kemp has long been captivated by Rajasthan’s visual beauty—her Indian travels are what inspired Abbi to pick up her camera in the first place—and it’s not hard to see why. A land bursting with vibrant culture and sun-baked landscapes, Rajasthan’s ancient yellow sandstone forts and blue cities provide striking backdrops at every turn. Colour has always drawn her eye but is it the people of Rajasthan that truly animate Abbi’s work, and here we’re given a glimpse into the lives of those that call this mystical realm home. From tribal conservationists to boutique design hotels—Abbi lets us see this ‘Land of Kings’ anew through her lens:

A friend once described India to me as “A country where the past rides side by side with the present.” And I couldn’t have summed it up better myself.

A cacophony of sights, smells, colours and noises, if you’re looking for a relaxing holiday then India is certainly not the place. But for delicious food, people watching and visually stunning sights, there’s no place I’d rather go.

For the perfect mix of old and new, my top three recommendations would be:

A world of gold

For a glimpse into India’s past, head to the Golden World, Jaisalmer—a historic fort set amongst a vast desert landscape. Spend a couple of days getting lost in the maze of cobbled streets and admiring the exquisite traditional silverwork and colourful embroidery.

Tribal greetings

Fancy meeting the first environment conservationists in the world? Well find yourself a local guide to take you on a traditional Bishnoi tribe village tour. They live by a strict code of conduct based around 29 rules. My favourite being – ‘Do not waste the time on argument’

Designer boltholes

Once you’re culturally overloaded and need some peace and tranquillity finish your trip with a couple of days at the ridiculously amazing Raas Hotel in Jodhpur—most definitely an indication of where modern India is heading.



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