10 December 2012

Abbi Kemp in Namibia

“Seeing is different than being told.” – African Proverb

Last year, I thoughtlessly jumped on a school friend’s holiday to Namibia. No knowledge of the country or what it had to offer and oh my did I luck out. It turned out to be a photographer’s dream. A myriad of landscapes, abundant wildlife and if you travelled hard enough remote tribes on the Angolan border. Namibia caters for every holiday experience… climbing the famous Big Daddy sand dune in Sossusvlei. Jumping out of a plane over the Namib Dessert in the German town of Swakopmund. Or you can sit back and relax with your binoculars in a 4X4 and count off the big five in Etosha Game Park. If you like to travel to the remote parts of a country, then I would truly recommend tackling the roads of Northern Namibia and heading to Epupa Falls. The scenery is beautiful, relaxing and allows you access to visit the local Himba tribes. If you’re over the age of 25 and not married be warned the Himba Women will ridicule you!!!

If you enjoy self-drive holidays and landscapes that leave you breathless then make sure you head to Namibia. The campsites are amazing but if you’re looking for real luxury then there are 2 hotels that you cannot miss:

 1.       Okonjima Leopard Lodge – http://www.okonjima.com/

2.        Grootberg – http://www.grootberg.com/