18 October 2012

Culinary Wonders of the World

Trying exotic, unfamiliar food is all part of the experience while travelling as we’re sure you know. Whether its food you fell in love with or food that just stuck in your mind as something to experience once and perhaps never again.

Here at PINCH we’re all about getting fully involved in the food and culture of a country so here are a few of the more unusual delicacies we’ve given a go.

Chicken Hearts

A popular delicacy in China usually sold by street vendors. Around 5 chicken hearts are popped on a kebab stick, sprinkled with a little chilli then barbequed up a treat ready for you to eat.

Duck Brain

We came across this while devouring the famous Beijing duck dish. Beijing duck has been prepared since the imperial era and most Beijing restaurants have stayed true to the original recipe, including serving the whole roasted duck along with the brain too. Not something for all but when travelling you have to try everything once.

Snake Whisky

Now this really isn’t one for the faint hearted. We tested this out in Vietnam. Locals catch the snakes, cut off the tip of the tail then suck the blood out (we left this part of the experience to the professionals). Once the blood has been drained the snake is popped in a bottle of whiskey and left to infuse. Other versions are also available such as bird whisky and scorpion whisky. We felt one was enough – for this trip anyway.

Kangaroo Kebabs

Kangaroo; one of Australia’s national icons, and a damn tasty one at that. The meat is similar to beef but with a much richer iron flavour. The meat can be cut into steaks and grilled or minced up for a bolognese. Our favourite is to dice the kangaroo meat into cubes and add it to a kebab stick along with whatever vegetables you fancy. The kebabs are then cooked on a Barbie in true Aussie spirit.

Pickleback Shots

We discovered this one in New York City. A delightful shot of Whisky chased down with a shot of… pickle juice…pickle juice? That’s right. Surprisingly however the pickle juice does act as a good neutraliser taking away from the alcoholic burn of the whisky. Now this back to back with Snake Whisky would be a night and a half.


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