24 July 2012

Hunting for vintage in NYC

We love vintage. Who doesn’t? From ball gowns to cowboy boots, costume jewellery to period furniture, thrift shopping is the creative’s sport of choice; an opportunity to exercise the artistic eye…or at least that’s our excuse and we’re sticking to it. Thankfully, NYC is a vintage shopper’s paradise with flea markets and second-hand boutiques a plenty. With summer upon us, this is the perfect time to take to the stalls.


Housed in the 40,000 square foot schoolyard of Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School, Fort Greene blends old-fashioned flea market and new-age bazaar to create an eclectic array of attractions. Featuring around 150 vendors offering up everything from antique furniture to clothes, jewellery and vinyl, it’s no surprise that this is where the New York cool kids hang out. After sourcing yourself some vintage swag, re-fuel with a sugary treat from the Kumquat Cupcakery or, if the weather’s good, a handmade ice pop (that’s “ice lolly” to us Brits) from People’s Pops.


Set in a series of salvaged shipping containers spread over an entire block in Downtown Brooklyn, Dekalb market is to New York what Boxpark is to London…although if we’re being completely honest, a whole lot better. With over 60 stalls ranging from clothes to accessories, as well as performance areas, exhibition spaces and an incubator farm (well why not?) this little patch of land is packed with culture hungry shoppers. And better yet, this is not just a daytime affair with a whole programme events being showcased here over the course of the summer. Head down for dance parties, roller derbies, live music and more.


Showcasing Manhattan’s quirky alter ego, West 25th Street Market offers a rare glimpse into the past – before the flea-market movement relocated to Brooklyn. Open at weekends all year round, this is a great place to pick up a vintage fur or antique coffee table. There are smaller items on offer too including boxes full of pocket-size collectibles and memorabilia you never knew you needed. Prices start off pretty high so be prepared to haggle for your purchases.

Words by Katie Manning


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