9 April 2012

Cocktails and Amuse Bouche with Boulud

This may sound like one massive excuse for guilt-free alcohol consumption, but we truly believe a lot can be learnt from the inside of a cocktail glass. Combine this with a plate or two of award winning cuisine and we’re well on our way to some real destination discovery…and ahem, quite possibly a great night out. All over the world, little localised revolutions are occurring within the culinary arena, pushing people to expose their taste buds to a new and exciting array of flavours. With this in mind, we’ve travelled to New York; one of the largest, most influential, urban metropolises we could find, to discover what lies behind the fast food façade and really makes people in this town tick.

Dubbed “the epicentre of the modern cocktail revolution” by American writer Jay McInerney, and proudly producing some of the world’s most innovative contemporary cooking, New York’s culinary scene has a lot to say. So, sticking religiously to the rules of the traveller bible, we followed the locals to find out exactly which establishments we should be frequenting, and well, we found something of a Daniel Boulud fever spreading across town. With a three Michelin star flagship restaurant named Daniel, as well as a chain of smaller Café Boulud restaurants scattered across America, Asia and Europe, this French-born New York-based chef is fast becoming one of New York’s most prised possessions.

new york sling cocktail, daniel boulud

Letting you into the ever exclusive world of the New York elite, it’s Daniel in particular that’s stolen the spotlight, as Boulud teams up with mixologist Xavier Herit to create a cocktail and amuse bouche menu that we could quite literally live on for the rest of our lives. Split into his and hers sections, you have the choice of conforming to the gender norms and choosing from your own side of the menu, or taking a chance to see how the other half live. Expect to sample elaborate and incredibly inventive cocktails made with only the freshest hand picked ingredients, alongside beautifully balanced and expertly prepared mini-dishes, paired perfectly with your drink of choice.

So, pull up a bar stool and set about some truly intrepid menu exploration…or, if you can’t quite make it over the pond right this very second, pick up a copy of the recipe book at an Assouline boutique and recreate the magic at home.

Words by Katie Manning