18 April 2012

Just for a Laugh

“Don’t worry, be happy” could easily be the anthem of Montréal. This charming province of Québec – voted second in the ‘ten happiest places in the world’ by the Happy Planet Index (yes this is serious) – proudly provides the world with an annual dose of side-splitting, belly aching laughter at their infamous ‘just for laughs’ or ‘Juste pour rire ‘, comedy festival. Whether you’re a fan of classic Mr Bean-esque slapstick, or you belong to the double entendre Jon Stewart camp, come to town during the 12-29th of July and laughter is sure to echo through the streets. From the stage to the sidewalk,Montréal is transformed into a one-stop-shop for comedy, making this town a truly laughing matter.


When was the last time you bumped into a stray Vaudevillian clown, tried to get a mime artist out of his box or even been privy to an impromptu circus act? Walk the cobbled streets of Montréal in July and you’ll almost certainly be guaranteed all three. Expect the unexpected as you make your way through this charismatic city that bursts with creativity. Boasting some of the best street theatre in the world, watch as the footpaths are turned into stages and pedestrians into actors, oh and did we mention it’s all free.


Canada, known for its ethnic diversity and welcoming spirit throws it all out the window at the annual ‘Ethnic show’. Leave your political correctness at the door and get ready to hear international relations discussed in a not so democratic way.  Never one to shy away from ethnic and cultural stereotypes, this show takes everything that’s wrong with the world and turns it into a hysterical anecdote you can definitely never ever repeat.  Book yourself into this show and watch a melting pot of cultures take to the stage to revel in all that is offensive, stereotypical and taboo.


Who doesn’t love a good roast, and we’re not talking about Sunday at your Gran’s but rather a public presentation of good old fashioned insults. Watch the gloves come off at this hot ticketed show where the vulgar is applauded, insults are appreciated and obscenity is preferred. Bag a seat, grab a cocktail and get set for the jokes to fly fast and furious.

Words by Chloe Sachdev


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