20 February 2012

Check-In With Tom: La Fortuna, Salto, Argentina

We’ve enlisted travel expert, Tom Marchant, co-founder of award-winning bespoke travel company Black Tomato and founder of PINCH Magazine to give us the insider info on some of his favourite hotels across the globe in our Check-in with Tom hotel series. Tom’s stayed in a fair few hotels in his time and so if it gets the Marchant stamp of approval, it must be good. Tom’s pick this week is La Fortuna in Salto, Argentina.


Words By Tom Marchant co-founder, Black Tomato


La Fortuna is an exuberant estate, quite unlike any other; offering a unique combination of Golden Age European Argentinian culture, traditional Gaucho experiences and sophisticated luxury. The historic palace, which dates back to 1902 was fully restored in 2008 and now showcases all the splendour and opulence of Argentina’s great era of wealth, blended with all the modern comforts of the 21st Century; striking a perfect balance between antiquity and modernity.


La Fortuna is located in Salto, just a mere 2 hours from Beunos Aires, and just a horse drawn carriage ride away from the beautiful old railroad station of Berdier, the closest town to the palace.


Once an important farming estate, La Fortuna is still surrounded by rich rural countryside, which lends itself to an array of activities. I would recommend horseback riding, an antique sulky tour around the estates grand surroundings and beautifully landscaped gardens, or a classic car ride in the palaces 1920 Model T car.


If culture is your thing, check out La Fortuna’s Pop Up Hotel (available on selected dates throughout 2012), where individual guests have the opportunity to book a themed lifestyle stay in one of the estate’s exclusive guest rooms. You can really get under the skin of Argentinean culture on these special weekends, experiencing the Gaucho’s at work and getting the opportunity to partake in a variety of traditional outdoor and indoor activities, not to mention sampling some delicious regional cuisine. For more information on the up and coming Pop Ups visit the website: http://www.estancialafortuna.com/popuphotel.html


The rooms at La Fortuna exude all the opulence one would expect from the aesthetics found elsewhere on the estate. The main house sleeps up to 16 people; with 4 master suites with king beds and 3 additional bedroom suites with 3 beds each. All suites are simple yet elegantly decorated and come with beautiful views of the surrounding gardens and rural landscapes.


The Lower Level of La Fortuna is a wine lover’s dream, housing an immaculately stocked wine cellar, state of the art private screening room and wine bar, where you can sit back and relax with a glass of their best Pinot Noir-Chardonnay.


The food at La Fortuna is a gustatory delight specialising in traditional cuisine. I would recommend the honey and mustard veal filet with hazelnuts, grilled endives and pumpkin, and for just desserts; baked peaches with brown sugar, Brioche French toast and creamy cheese.


The blue skies around La Fortuna seem to stretch on forever, making for some stunning night skies. The night I spent star-gazing from the observatory on the second floor will be a hard one to forget.




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