21 November 2011

Dining With a Difference

Are you an intrepid food forager? Perhaps you’re a culinary crusader? Or maybe you’re just someone who loves food in all its glorious shapes and flavours. If you fall into any of these categories then it’s highly likely that you enjoy eating out for dinner and when it comes to your culinary adventures they are never anything less than inquisitive and courageous. Well, take a look at these weird and wonderful food and dining experiences across the globe that you simply must try.


At this robot restaurant in Jinan, China, you are greeted at the door by two lady robots. The food is prepared by humans and then served by robots riding bicycles along a well marked track. You won’t get much in the way of conversation from these waiter robots, but on the plus side, we doubt they will expect a tip. Could this be the dining of the future?


‘Taste worth dying for’ is the motto at this calorific eatery that shamelessly puts America’s obesity epidemic in between two baps, melts some cheese on it and gobbles it whole in a sheer act of defiance. The Heart Attack Grill offers aggressively unhealthy food; choose between a single, doundle, triple or QUADRUPLE bypass burger. A real artery clogger.


This architecturally stunning chrysalis-shaped restaurant sits ten metres off the ground in a vertigionous Redwood tree near Warkworth, north of Auckland. The idea behind the Yellow Treehouse upon its construction was to source all products and services through Yellow Pages listings.


In sun scorched Coober Pedy, deep in Australia’s outback it’s a case of home under the range. Life flourishes underground in this desolate mining town, where temperatures reach 50c on the ground. Locals have carved out an otherwordly existence under the ground, everything from churches to restaurants sit secretly out of the suns inhospitable rays.

rootmaster, london


The Rootmaster in London’s east end is the epitomy of environmetal friendlyness and healthy living. This vegan cafe or ‘bustaurant’ put a decommisioned routemaster bus to exceptionally unique use after it retired from 40 years of service in 2004.


The bathroom and the dining room are two rooms that should be kept apart at all costs, if not for hygiene reasons, then for the sheer aesthetic carnage an amalgamation of the two brings to mind. But in Taiwan toilet-themed restaurants are becoming ever more popular. While you perch on brightly coloured toilet seats, food is served in miniature sinks, bathtubs and urinals.


Dinner with the fishies, what could be more relaxing? Ithaa at Rangali island in the Maldives is set five metres below sea level, and provides an unparalleled underwater dining experience with shoals of glittering fish swimming by as you nibble your dinner. What a plaice. (Obligatory fish pun).



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