21 November 2011

Tasty Local Bites

It’s hard to believe that in our current technologically procreant age that no one has yet invented some form of teleporting device. We’re sure someone’s working on it in a cold, dark laboratory somewhere with drippy pipes and Bach on the radio.  But what would you do? Where would you go? Being the gluttons that we are, we would obviously use this wondrous technology to teleport ourselves to a different country for each meal of the day. Come along why don’t you.

Before we can indulge in any wordly delicacies many of us would be gloomy and sleepy-eyed without a coffee first thing in the morning. Forget instant coffee, in fact, forget every kind of coffee that’s ever passed your lips. You haven’t had a proper coffee until you’ve had a Columbian coffee. This most magical of caffeinated liquids is mastered here. A visit to the plantations will give you a taste of the real thing, and you’ll never look back.

On to breakfast, notoriously crowned the most important meal of the day. A meal of such importance needs to be given its fair dues, and they certainly do it spectacularly well in India. Rosemary roasted potatoes, scrambled Indian tofu, creamy lentils, veggie sausage and banana pepper toast. Breakfast fit for a king, or queen.

For lunch, we’re heading to Isreal, everything from traditional bites like Charoset (a sweet paste made from fruit and nuts) to world-class concoctions can be uncovered here with a little culinary inquisitiveness. Head to Tel Aviv for an intrepid food forage and discover delicious local nibbles that will make your taste buds tremble.

There’s scarcely a better place on the globe for hearty fare than the wilds of Swedish Lapland. For dinner time we’re in the Narnia-esque, little-known winter wonderland of Lulea. Located on the northern coast of Sweden, this twinkling land is home to some lip-smacking cuisine. The reindeer meatballs are a speciality and a must for any culinary crusader. Also, don’t forget to try a handful of arctic berries, they are a triple threat of juicy, delicious nutritiousness.

Lastly, for desert we’re off to Canada to sample some of their notorious maple taffy, just trying this deliciously saccharine treat is an experience. Hot maple syrup is poured into fresh snow and rolled around a stick. A sweet end to a well travelled, gloriously gluttonous day.



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