21 November 2011

Artistic Cities

A city without art could be likened to a bird without a song; somewhat superfluous. For centuries our cities have laid out like giant concrete canvases waiting to be plundered and coloured by our ever efflorescing creativity. Here are some of the most artistically inspiring cities of the world.


This Argentinean gem oozes creativity and artistic charm from every colourful crevice. Vibrant bohemian neighbourhoods stand out in stark contrast against the deep blue sky. The mood created by the bright and exuberant colours of this enticing capital are mirrored in its many ebullient, artistic city dwellers. The warm, Argentinean vibe is palpable in this cultural treasure.


Berlin is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city with a laid-back charm that permeates every facet of its infectious personality. Since the fall of the wall, a creative beast has been unleashed in Berlin revolutionizing the city into a design utopia where artistic talents creep out of every corner. Berlin is primarily about artistic expression and a few hours exploring what it has to offer will have your creativity running wild.


The suburb of Woodstock is fast becoming Cape Town’s new art centre. Street art and murals scintillate on the sides of dilapidated Victorian buildings, while derelict warehouses are being transformed into art galleries. Not too long ago the area was encumbered by its gang-ridden reputation which branded it a no-go area. Today, the galleries lining the streets house a who’s-who of the local contemporary art scene.


Valparaiso in Chile known as “The Jewel of the Pacific,” is a visual splendor and a world heritage site, based on its improvised urban design and unique architecture. Chilean poet Pablo Neruda lived here for many years, he even dedicated a poem to his La Sebastiana house pictured here, now a museum to the poet’s life. Many artists have been inspired by the beauty of this city and its colourful twisting alleyways.


Vietnam’s monument-riddled capital city of Hanoi is a maze of narrow streets, bursting with book sellers and banana traders. Two thirds of the population are under 30, making for a city bursting with creative energy. Hanoi mixes old Parisian legacy with the frantic and bustling excitement of a modern Asian capital. The best way to explore this beautiful city is by bicycle. You won’t get very far on this flower-filled one mind you.


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